CEUSTERS bolsters Sustainability Team with CSRD Expertise

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CEUSTERS bolsters Sustainability Team with CSRD Expertise

CEUSTERS proudly announces the addition of Paulien Geeraerds to its sustainability team, enriching its capabilities in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Geeraerds brings extensive expertise in the EU directive, which mandates large and listed companies to disclose information on their monitoring of various Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, and the impact on both society and the environment..

The adoption of CSRD reporting is pivotal for CEUSTERS internally and also enables the company to  provide valuable services to its large property management clients.

By assisting these clients in preparing and reporting within the CSRD framework, CEUSTERS aims to aid them in defining sustainable strategies and executing them operationally. This encompasses implementing processes, collecting and analyzing data, and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and budgets for monitoring sustainability progress.

“Together with our clients, we aim to scrutinize every building in our portfolio from a sustainability standpoint, charting paths for enhanced sustainability outcomes and providing ongoing support,” says Toon De Meester, Retail Operations Manager at CEUSTERS.

Geeraerds’ addition signifies a significant advancement in CEUSTERS’ sustainability commitment. Her role transcends CSRD expertise. “My role is to act as an internal catalyst, inspiring everyone at CEUSTERS to achieve the objectives set for carbon footprint reduction in the years to come. Additionally, I will oversee the drafting of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) reports and manage CEUSTERS’ engagement in the UN Global Compact initiative,” says Geeraerds.

With Geeraerds on board, CEUSTERS strengthens its dedication to sustainability, both internally and for its clients. This appointment underscores the company’s dedication to continual enhancement and further cements its expertise in sustainable real estate practices.



2020           inhouse SDG-workshops

2021           CEUSTERS joins UN Global Compact

2022           first sustainability report CEUSTERS (COP Global Compact)

2023           electrification of the fleet

2024           start dedicated ESG implementation manager


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