Docks Bruxsel shifting up a gear with property manager Ceusters

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Docks Bruxsel shifting up a gear with property manager Ceusters

Docks Bruxsel is stepping up its game in 2022. After a terrific number of visitors in recent months, the shopping centre is aiming to receive a record 6.3 million visitors in 2022. To this end, NEG, owner of Docks Bruxsel, has entered into a new partnership with Ceusters.

With the record year of 2021 only just behind us, Docks Bruxsel is already showing some impressive figures. In the first three months of the year, it attracted no less than 1.7MN visitors with January peaking at 700,000 shoppers. This makes the Brussels mall – which besides shops, also houses a cinema, an event hall, and an actual adventure park – one of the best-performing shopping centres in our country.  

New partnership with Ceusters

Nonetheless, Docks Bruxsel does not intend to stop there and plans to move up a gear by joining forces with property management company Ceusters. They will therefore handle the management of the shopping centre for at least the next three years and will be responsible for boosting Docks' strong ambitions. 

Visitors from across the country 

It will be no surprise to many that Ceusters will be the new manager of the Brussels shopping centre. Currently, the real estate company with HQ in Antwerp is the largest independent manager of shopping centres in our country. They have been successful in the retail world for many years with the likes of Wijnegem Shop Eat Enjoy, Grands Prés in Mons, K in Kortrijk, and many others. For Ceusters, it is also an important and unique management mandate added to their portfolio. 

“Docks Bruxsel is now fully on track to establish itself”, declares Axel Ceusters, COO Ceusters. “ It offers everything that a shopping centre should offer in the year 2022, an appealing range of shops, plenty of catering establishments, personal experiences, and even office space. The large indoor amusement park Lego Discovery Centre will open this summer, which will attract even more visitors from across the country. We are extremely excited to work together with Portus Retail and believe that our experience will help Docks Bruxsel grow even more.”

Focus on sustainability 

Today, Docks Bruxsel is known as one of the most sustainable mall in Europe. The ventilation and air conditioning are provided naturally thanks to an ingeniously integrated ventilation system in the large glass roof. There are no less than 4,500 m² of solar panels and the rainwater is filtered through a green roof, which is reused for the sanitary facilities, to clean the shopping centre and water the plants.  

Such sustainability is an asset for the new manager. Indeed, at the end of last year, Ceusters joined the UN Global Compact, the world's largest strategic sustainability initiative for companies. They will also look at Docks Bruxsel – as with its other shopping centres – to see how it can make Brussels shopping even more sustainable and how it can enhance even more the customer experience. 

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