Rental, sales, and advice

Rental, sales, and advice

The RENTAL, SALES, and CONSULTING department handles all aspects of rental and sales transactions and also provides strategic advice about property developments, primarily in Belgium for both national and international customers.

The commercial team offers advice to clients, such as:

  • Owners, such as REITs, multinationals, and SMEs,
  • Investors, both private and institutional,
  • Tenants looking for a suitable real estate solution for their business activities,
  • End users

CEUSTERS focuses on professional real estate:

  • Office market: offices, business centres, and residences
  • Industrial sector: (semi) industrial buildings, distribution centres, SME parks and logistics warehouses
  • Retail real estate: shopping streets, shopping centres, retail parks, and shopping malls
  • Corporate real estate services: we help companies find an office building, retail property, or industrial property, and represent them as tenant/buyer.

Business units

  • Offices take-up 2023: 39,953 m² (107 transactions = no. 1 in national ranking)
  • Industry & logistics take-up 2023: 167,340 m² (106 transactions = no. 3 in national ranking)
  • Retail take-up 2023: 20,593 m² (106 transactions = no. 4 in national ranking)