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Hotels are becoming more attractive to developers and investors.

Interview with Louis Caroni, the Benelux manager of B&B Hotels.

Hotels are becoming more attractive to developers and investors.

B&B Hotels, which opened its first branch in Belgium in September 2018 is expanding.

The new hotel in Antwerp is the 450th of the French group, whose skyrocketing growth—50 new hotels a year, 5 new markets developed over the last 6 months—is showing no signs of stopping In Belgium. The chain is planning to open 15 hotels in the short term, and it has its sights set on the Netherlands. An interview.

B&B Hotels is breaking into the Belgian market with a bang, its aim being to open 15 hotels within 5 years. How do you explain this ambition? Is the market particularly favourable right now?

Several elements come into play. There are an increasing number of investors with a lot of liquidity in the market, because the cost of money to finance a real estate development is not a boundary. The profile of the hotel market has also changed: in the past there were plenty of developments, chiefly of high-end and top-tier hotels. The past few years, however, a range of new hotel operators have come into the European market with diff erent off erings and concepts, most of which are mid-range, aimed at a wider audience and located in more urban environments. So there are more hotel industry...


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